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Active Jumpgate. Fighters on attack run. Orbital Battlestation The Volker firing primary weapon. The Warden, a mighty battleship. A Sector Control Station The Beacon, a mighty battleship.
A new beginning
A new beginning
AD2460 is changing from a perpetual to a cycle-based, or round-based game. This means that the game will undergo complete resets at given intervals.
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Patch 9.0: Banks is Live!
Patch 9.0: Banks is Live!
The alliance banks are now located on their own planet, and members will need to defend it. Plus, we've added a mission pack for level 5s and a tactical 'puzzle'-pack for the level 12s and up.
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Patch 8.3 applied
Patch 8.3 applied
The latest patch for AD2460 had been applied. this update brings several a lot of changes for ships, and most notably, new mechanics for secondary weapons in the game.
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Develop your planets

Become more powerful by researching new technologies, developing new ship types and securing necessary resources from your mining outposts on other planets.

Fight other players for control of the best resource planets the galaxy has to offer.

Specialise your fleet

You can specialise in three technologies:

InTech - Strong ships with a lot of missiles.
Strontech - High damage energy weapons.
NeoTech - Great at evasion and special effects.

Join alliances

Alliances offer great cooperative play, inter-player trading, and an enjoyable social experience.

Alliances can also fight over territories within the galaxy for increased power.
Develop your planets.
Specialise your fleet.
Join alliances.

The Full Game. Free.

AD2460 is 100% free to play.

Some game functions carry a cost, but they are optional and do not limit your gaming experience.

Play it on your time

The game is easy to play, even if you only have a few minutes now and then.

Skill and player coordination and cooperation is rewarded.

Automatic settings help you while you are offline.

Explore a vast galaxy

Enjoy story-lines from your homeworld through single-player missions.

Spy on your enemies.
Explore the solar systems of the galaxy.
The full game. Free.
Play it on your time.
Explore a vast galaxy.
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