Cycle XIII
Sept 6th - Dec 1st

Free Space MMO

4x strategy

50+ Unique Units

Visual combat

Advanced Tactics

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Cycle XI:Convergence
Cycle XI:Convergence
Starting today, at 16:00 UTC, this cycle promises far more fair ranked metrics. This means less farming of i.e. Skill to mention one example. It also means that most rankings now carry much more weight, and meaning, than before..
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Cycle X: Fair Trade
Cycle X: Fair Trade
AD2460 is once again ready with a new cycle named Fair Trade.
New features, some fixes, a lot of convenience-improvements and a new combat-renderer are just some of the thing to look forward to.

Starting today, at 17:00 UTC...
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The Art Of War
The Art Of War
AD2460 is ready with its ninth cycle, named The Art Of War.
Starting this Saturday, players can look forward to a whole lot of improvements, upgrades and changes...
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Develop your planets

Become more powerful by researching new technologies, developing new ship types and securing necessary resources from your mining outposts on other planets.

Fight other players for control of the best resource planets the galaxy has to offer.

Specialise your fleet

You can specialise in three technologies:

InTech - Strong ships with a lot of missiles.
StronTech - High damage energy weapons.
NeoTech - Great at evasion and special effects.

Join alliances

Alliances offer great cooperative play, inter-player trading, and an enjoyable social experience.

Alliances can also fight over territories within the galaxy for increased power.
Develop your planets.
Specialise your fleet.
Join alliances.

Online Strategy Game

You configure tactics for every fleet

Get the most out of battles by combining tactics and units for the ultimate strategy experience.

Play it on your time

The Space MMO is easy to play, even if you only have a few minutes now and then.

Skill and player coordination and cooperation is rewarded.

Automatic settings help you while you are offline.

Explore a vast galaxy

Enjoy story-lines from your homeworld through single-player missions.

Spy on your enemies.
Explore the solar systems of the galaxy.
The full game. Free.
Play it on your time.
Explore a vast galaxy.
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An addictive browser game with multi-faceted PvP game play were individual efforts become part of the team's efforts. Nice graphics, music and special effects. One of the few games where the dev listens and bugs get fixed.
- Mr MaGoo
Looking for a great Space MMO Stategy game? AD2460 is the best I have tried by far. Great community, exciting battles, devs who care and f2p. Things go BOOM! What more could anyone want?
- Agro1
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Please note: This game resets every 3 months with new fresh gameplay and improvements every time.
When a reset happens, everyone starts from scratch with an even playing field and a fair chance at winning titles!
Cycle XIII runs Sept 6th - Dec 1st
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